Who am I?

For the past couple of decades, software, hardware, and visual arts (photography and motion pictures) have been an integral part of my life, both as hobbies and as professions. Over time, these have fused and combined together in an eclectic fusion of skills, experiences, and a desire to improve them all.

My interests now lie in customer experience – what makes a great one, why some companies are great at it, why others aren’t; software – running great software teams using agile techniques, fixing what people think is bad about software projects, and creating software that result in fabulous customer experiences; design – creating software or tangible objects that look beautiful and work well;  storytelling – telling great stories through photos and movies in the form of documentaries and wedding films; and giving back – making a small difference in our world through what I do.


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Film projects I’ve worked on

Star Wars: Ascension (cinematographer, VFX)
Pendulum (cinematographer / camera operator)
No Good Deed (cinematographer, VFX)

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~ Martin