Bitten by PHP DateTime mutability

I was finishing off phasing in new content and features of my latest project, the Surrey International Writers’ Conference ( website when some reports came in of problems with the published dates of the various writing workshops being held. Workshops all adhere to a common schedule for each day of the 4-day conference, so I created… Continue reading Bitten by PHP DateTime mutability

You’re doing Scrum wrong

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few local organizations on Scrum, and also had attended some formal Scrum courses ( to sort of align back with the mothership on what Scrum is, or should be. My conclusion is that there is a lot of confusion around Scrum practices which leads unsurprisingly to the… Continue reading You’re doing Scrum wrong

Job Interview 1: Shiny!

I’ve been interviewing with several large companies for a  role in software development management. I got through to the panel round of interviews with a nationwide retailer to work with their e-commerce presence. Prior to this, I did a little homework and did what I often to do gauge the maturity level of a company’s… Continue reading Job Interview 1: Shiny!

Canon Flash Notes

The Canon flash system has some interesting quirks (or features) that may trip those coming from other systems, especially Nikon. The biggest confusion is how the camera P and Av modes handle the flash exposure differently and this is the primary intention of this post. Flash in Program Mode The P (Program) mode flash behaviour… Continue reading Canon Flash Notes

Single but Coupled

I read with interest Isabelle Tessier’s article entitled I Want To Be Single – But With You  in HuffPost recently. Essentially, it’s an expression of desire of people who don’t want to lose themselves the moment they get into a relationship, and to approach them with the mindset of still being one’s true self rather… Continue reading Single but Coupled

Javascript or JQuery – which first?

I’ve been asked this quite a number of times recently – should a web developer learn JQuery or Javascript first?  And presumably pick up the other later. This question would likely apply to other Javascript libraries or frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap). In other words, does starting with the fun and useful application of Javascript (JQuery) and seeing web pages… Continue reading Javascript or JQuery – which first?

Beginning Coding Tips

Since I’ve been involved in coaching at BCIT, I’ve started to get a better insight into the learning processes and tools required to get a grasp of ‘programming stuff’. Programming isn’t easy by any stretch, so I may not be able to nail exactly what it is that may be that single ‘aha’ moment of… Continue reading Beginning Coding Tips