Month: September 2016

  • Beginning Coding Tips

    Since I’ve been involved in coaching at BCIT, I’ve started to get a better insight into the learning processes and tools required to get a grasp of ‘programming stuff’. Programming isn’t easy by any stretch, so I may not be able to nail exactly what it is that may be that single ‘aha’ moment of […]

  • Framework Bloat and Missing Fundamentals

    I’ve been interviewing with several large companies for a new role in software development management. I got through to the panel round of interviews with a nationwide retailer to work with their e-commerce presence. Prior to this, I did a little homework and did what I often to do gauge the maturity level of a […]

  • Bye, bye Nikon, hello Canon

    (This was written in 2015 — things have changed since then, not for the better for Nikon). For 25 years I was a Nikon fan, bordering on fanboy/bigot. That’s changed now, and the reasons for the change I found were both emotional and logical. Interestingly enough, my very first SLR camera wasn’t a Nikon. It […]