3D Printing: My Jumpstart

During the Time of the Virus, I decided to jump into 3D printing. I’d been looking at printers for a while, probably since 2018, when I had a colleague who talked about 3D printing the odd part for his cars. Finally, this March, I pulled the trigger on the Ender 3 Pro, from Amazon. Mostly… Continue reading 3D Printing: My Jumpstart

Job Interview 1: Shiny!

I’ve been interviewing with several large companies for a  role in software development management. I got through to the panel round of interviews with a nationwide retailer to work with their e-commerce presence. Prior to this, I did a little homework and did what I often to do gauge the maturity level of a company’s… Continue reading Job Interview 1: Shiny!

Welcome Back!

After spending a considerable amount of time on my company blog (studioimpossible.com), I’ve decided to create more content here that’s of a more unfiltered, personal nature that would be of less interest in those seeking weddings and photography. You’ll find musings on software development, personal projects, various rants and raves on customer experience — all things dear to… Continue reading Welcome Back!

13,000 Days

I attended a great session with wonderful photographer Sandy Puc’ this Sunday at WPPI.  Her founding of, and work with, the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep organization is both heart-breakingly sad (I wasn’t able to go through the videos at www.nilmdts.org without getting teary) and inspiring. She mentioned that at one time she… Continue reading 13,000 Days

D3 vs D3x

Indirectly through Nikon Canada I had a chance to have a D3x over Christmas.  There have been endless criticisms of Nikon’s pricing on the D3x, a whopping $8000 US, or $9450 CDN, and I won’t touch upon that here (much).  What I wanted to analyze for myself was how it compared to the D3 at… Continue reading D3 vs D3x

Vintage video

To experiment a bit with Animoto, I built the following video for my buddies in the band Vintage using a medley of images I've taken of them over several gigs.