Category: Scrum/Agile

  • Building an Agile Organization from the top down

    The Scrum Team stuff is Easy (Sort Of) Scrum has its roots in team empowerment. From the very beginning, teams are told to make their own decisions – “let the team decide what to do” is the oft-repeated mantra when a team faces a challenge. These ideas can seem foreign to teams that have been […]

  • Moving from User Story to Product Backlog Item

    (Originally written in 2018, but still relevant today) It’s become somewhat fashionable to gather requirements in User Story format to put into a product backlog. Pioneered some time ago in the early days of Agile, Extreme Programming, and other uprisings against the Great Gathering of Requirements up Front before starting work, it had a purpose […]

  • You’re doing Scrum wrong

    I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few local organizations on Scrum, and also had attended some formal Scrum courses ( to sort of align back with the mothership on what Scrum is, or should be. My conclusion is that there is a lot of confusion around Scrum practices which leads unsurprisingly to the […]